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2.5PI TR5 TR6 Choke Cables
2.5PI TR5 TR6 Throttle Cables

TR5 TR6 Choke Cable - Twin to Single Choke Cable Conversion Kit - CR and CP Models*

TR5 TR6 choke cable kit

The original TR5 TR6 twin choke cable was not the best design as it requires the two inner Bowden cables to be repeatedly twisted as the choke is locked and unlocked. Despite the poor design, the twin choke cables were quite long lived due to the quality of the materials used. That cannot be said about some of the replacement twin choke cables that are currently on the market. Our TR5 and TR6 choke cable kit does away with the troublesome twin choke cable. Instead it uses a quality** single choke cable that connects to a modified choke fast idle cam. A link cable then connects the fast idle cam to the metering unit. Watch a video of the system working here. Metering unit enrichment and fast idling are independently adjustable using the adjusters shown. It all attaches using existing fixings, so is completely reversible.



  • We are not VAT registered so there is no VAT to add to the price.

  • *The choke cable kit will work on 2.5PI cars but the choke knob is the square TR type.

  • **The choke cable supplied in the kit is made to our specifications by a cable-maker in the West Midlands. The choke cable has a square knob with original logo, chrome bezel, multi-stranded Bowden inner cable with soldered end, PTFE lined outer cable and either twist and lock or friction lock operation. The only thing it doesn't have is the removable knob.

TR6 choke cables

TR5 TR6 Choke Cable for Metering Unit Only - CR and CP Models*

TR6 single choke cable - MU only

This is a longer version of our friction lock TR5 TR6 choke cable. It connects directly to the overfuel lever on the metering unit. The fast idle cam is not used.

If you fit this choke cable, you will need to maintain the revs at tickover using the throttle pedal until the engine has warmed a little.


  • We are not VAT registered so there is no VAT to add to the price.

  • The single cable will work on 2.5PI cars but choke knob is the square TR type as shown.

TR5 TR6 Throttle Cable Improved - CP and CR Models

TR6 throttle cable - CP

Binding TR5 and TR6 throttle cables can bend the cable brackets and/or cause the crimped ferrule to slide up the outer cable. Once this occurs, the throttle butterflies will not open fully when your pedal is to the floor.

Our TR5 TR6 throttle cable is PTFE lined and shorter than original, running directly from the bulkhead to the throttle linkage which reduces friction and eliminates the need for the inner wing cable clip that cuts through your paint.

We terminate the outer cable where it passes through the bulkhead and replace the crimped ferrule with an additional cable adjuster and rubber washer, which also prevents water ingress into the drivers footwell.


  • We are not VAT registered so there is no VAT to add to the price.

  • Cable binding as well as incorrectly adjusted throttle stops under the throttle pedals bend the cable brackets and other parts of the mechanism. Over the years, these may or may not have been bent back to shape and/or repaired by welding. They may have been repaired to fit a cable where the ferrule has already slipped or bent, or been welded back in the incorrect position. Also, one of the major Triumph parts suppliers sells CP RHD throttle pedals with the cable attachment bracket welded in the wrong place. All of which means when you change your cable for one that is the right size, it may not fit your car. If the cable we supply doesn't fit, return it and we will make one that's right for your car. The only additional cost you pay is the postage.

  • We make our improved TR5 TR6 throttle cables in house. We stock throttle cables for TR5 and TR6 and we can make cables for 2.5PI cars on request. Please enquire using the usual form or the details in the footer.

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