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Triumph 2.5PI TR5 & TR6 Throttle Linkages  Triumph 2.5PI TR5 & TR6 Throttle Linkage Rods Triumph 2.5PI TR5 & TR6 Throttle Rods

Original Spec Throttle Linkage Rods - TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI CP and CR Cars

We remake the full range of original spec TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI throttle linkage rods and swivel posts for Triumph CP & CR  cars. 

  1. TR5 and early CP TR6

  2. Late CP TR6

  3. CP 2.5PI Mk1

  4. CP 2.5PI Mk2

  5. CR TR6 and CR 2.5PI Early

  6. CR TR6 and CR 2.5PI Late

2.5PI TR5 TR6 Throttle Linkage Rods
spark plugs colours TR6
rose jointed rods TR6

The Lucas PI metering unit supplies a set amount of fuel to all 6 injectors. If the butterflies are not properly synchronised, you will get an uneven mixture across the cylinders. You could have 2 cylinders running correctly, 2 running rich and 2 running lean. Check your spark plugs and look at the colours, they should be even across all 6 cylinders.


The difference in performance and economy when the 3 pairs of butterflies are precisely synchronised is unbelievable. To set the butterflies correctly you need to make precise adjustments to the throttle linkage rods.


This is almost impossible on a TR5 TR6 or 2.5 PI car fitted with the after-market rose jointed throttle linkage rods as access is required to the mid point of the rods to make adjustments and to unlock and lock off the adjusters. For those that have tried it, you know that burning your hands on the hot exhaust is unavoidable.


The after market throttle linkage rods also have a coarse thread at both ends, making fine adjustment difficult. Some don't even have a left and right hand thread at each end, meaning you have to disconnect one end each time to make adjustments, and the minimum you can adjust is one thread pitch (1mm).

The original spec throttle linkage rods for TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI cars have a fine UNF thread at one end of the rod, whilst the other end rotates freely allowing for infinite and precise adjustment. The throttle linkage rods are locked off from the end, not the middle, making access much easier and burnt hands avoidable.


They are made from zinc-plated mild steel as per the originals. Unlike stainless throttle linkage rods that are available, they will not result in increased wear to the mild steel butterfly spindle levers.

Throttle Linkage Rod TR5 TR6 - existing picture


  • We are not VAT registered so there is no VAT to add to the prices.

  • Over the years, PI equipment from one model has been fitted to another. If you are not sure what you have fitted, check our Different PI Setups page or email a photo over, and we will help identify your parts.

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