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Triumph 2.5PI, TR5 and TR6 EFI / Electronic Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies 

EFI throttle bodies TR5 TR6 2.5PI overhead view

What Is Included with our 2.5PI TR5 TR6 EFI Throttle Bodies

Our EFI throttle bodies are designed to assist owners that are converting their TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI cars to EFI. We can build the throttle bodies with fittings appropriate to the systems offered by Classic Fuel Injection and Emerald.

The EFI throttle bodies are supplied with fuel rail, Bosch throttle position sensor and Webcon type electronic idle air valve. These items will not be required when you order your parts from Classic Fuel Injection / Emerald.

Our EFI throttle bodies and fuel rails are designed for 14mm Bosch type long body injectors. These are not included in our kit as the spec will vary dependent on the power output you are aiming for and will be supplied by Classic Fuel Injection / Emerald.

TR6 EFI throttle body with throttle position sensor and electronic idle air valve

We do not supply splitter wheels as the Classic Fuel Injection system does not use one - the power for the spark is produced by the ECU and the system is triggered and spark delivered using the standard distributor. The Emerald system does use a splitter wheel to trigger the spark and separate coil packs. However, there are various theories on mounting splitter wheels so its best left to the owner and/or Emerald!

We remake original spec TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI countershafts and linkage rods, but they are not included the kit. If you need these, please order separately. Trade in is available for original TR5 and TR6 countershafts if you want to exchange your own.

What We Do

We can modify the CR or CP throttle bodies from your TR5, TR6 or 2.5PI using remanufactured and or reconditioned original spec butterfly spindles, butterflies etc. Note - CR throttle bodies require CP conversions spindles and linkages to enable the throttle position sensor to be fitted.

We can modify your own throttle bodies or use a set from our stock. We have throttle bodies for all TR5, TR6 and 2.5PI cars including CR variants.


The throttle bodies are fully reconditioned and fitted with spindle bearings - see throttle body reconditioning for more details.


Our EFI modification includes:

  • Lower section of injector ports opened up to accept 14mm Bosch type long body injectors

  • Bracket fitted to front throttle body to mount Bosch throttle position sensor

  • Extended butterfly spindle with a second sealed bearinginstalled in front throttle body to operate throttle position sensor

  • Late style brass idle air valve fitted that houses the electronic valve and fits into the front throttle body and takes air from the plenum as per the original set up

  • Late style brass idle air valve fitted to rear throttle body for brake servo connection

  • Fuel rail turned down to remove parts of extrusion that are not required, and to enable mounting without any machining of the throttle bodies

  • Fuel rail milled and tapped to accept Bosch 14mm type long body injectors, mounting brackets and AN6 fittings for Emerald or hose tails for Classic Fuel Injection

  • Fuel rail mounting brackets that attach to the original injector keep plate mountings

EFI throttle body TR5 TR6 2.5PI TPI and IAV detail
EFI throttle body TR5 TR6 2.5PI servo take off detail
TR6 throttle body with electronic fuel injectors and fuel rail


  • We are not VAT registered so there is no VAT to add to the prices.

  • Our conversion is completely reversible if you want to revert to the original TR5 TR6 or 2.5PI PI system, The original PI injectors seal in upper section of the injector port which is left as standard. The throttle bodies are not machined to provide clearance for the fuel rail - we remove the material from the fuel rail.

  • Price does not include TR5, TR6 or 2.5PI countershaft or linkage rods - these are available separately. See throttle countershaft / mechanism page for further information.

  • EFI fuel rail, electronic air valves etc. available separately, please enquire using the enquiry form or the details in the footer.

  • We can supply TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI CR and CP throttle bodies with butterflies and spindles removed if you want to fit a single throttle body to the plenum - please enquire using the enquiry form or the details in the footer.

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