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Triumph 2.5PI TR5 and TR6 Throttle Bodies

Throttle Bodies for All Triumph 2.5PI, TR5 and TR6 Cars

We have a stock of approx. 200 throttle bodies of all types that were fitted to Triumph TR5, TR6 and 2.5PI cars, ready for reconditioning. This enables us to exchange odd sets of throttle bodies for matching sets appropriate to the age of your car at no additional cost (this offer excludes the very early throttle bodies fitted to TR5 and Mk1 2.5PI cars, there would be a charge if you needed these rare throttle bodies). Photo below shows the range of early throttle bodies fitted TR5s and Mk1 2.5PI's. Numbers 1 to 3 are the rare ones.

Triumph TR6 throttle bodies
  1. No DD number, no reinforcing around the balance pipes

  2. DD1 with no reinforcing around the balance pipes

  3. DD1 with reinforcing around the left balance pipe only

  4. 1DD with reinforcing around both balance pipes

Note: Throttle bodies including rare early throttle bodies available for outright sale fully reconditioned or for reconditioning - please enquire using the usual form.

TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI Throttle Body Parts and Throttle Body Repairs

We can repair damaged castings, replace seized spindles and butterflies and we manufacture all of the parts necessary to enable us to fully recondition TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI, CR and CP throttle bodies to better than new condition, including:

  • CR and CP butterfly spindles and levers

  • CR and CP butterflies (they are not the same)

  • Early and late idle air valves


  • Whilst we can repair TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI throttle bodies with snapped keep plate mountings, they have no exchange value as the time taken to weld them up, reprofile and drill and tap the keep plate fixings exceeds the exchange value of the throttle body.

  • The only damage that we cannot repair is significant and/or deep corrosion due to oxidisation

Triumph throttle body parts

Note: All TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI CR and CP throttle body parts are available separately - please enquire for prices on the enquiry form or using the details in the footer.

Triumph TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI Throttle Body Reconditioning

Not all reconditioning processes are the same:

  • We do not refit / reuse old spindles

  • We fit throttle spindle bearings as standard

  • We fit spindles with removable levers so they can be replaced without having to replace the butterfly spindles which will not wear

  • We do not paint castings to hide defects

  • We replace damaged threads with Helicoils at no extra cost

Triumph throttle body
  • We fly skim mounting faces to remove distortion and ensure you have a proper matched set of throttle bodies that all sit at the same height

  • We replace damaged or worn butterflies

  • We precisely align the butterflies to ensure an acceptable seal and tickover straight away

  • We test all of our reconditioned throttle bodies to ensure they tickover below 850rpm and send you a video of the test - see here.


  • We are not VAT registered so there is no VAT to add to the price.

  • You should not need to wait for a carbon seal or use Molykote to have an acceptable tickover speed with a reconditioned set of throttle bodies

  • Our throttle bodies (including CR throttle bodies) come with a lifetime guarantee against future spindle wear

  • We can remove your existing throttle bodies and fit you reconditioned units while you wait if you drive to us. We can do this at your home if you are not too far away, but you would need to pay for travel.

TR6 and 2.5PI CR Throttle Bodies with CP Spindles

CR throttle bodies with CP spindles

Unlike the CP linkage mechanism fitted to TR5, TR6 and 2.5PI cars, it is not possible to adjust wear out of the CR linkages fitted to later TR6 and Mk2 2.5PI cars. Any spindle wear in a CR throttle spindle is taken up by the rotational movement in the throttle body before the spindle in the next throttle body can turn. As CR owners will know, you end up with a choice of acceptable tickover and unsynchronised butterfly opening, or synchronised butterfly opening and high tickover.

We can convert or exchange your CR throttle bodies so they can be operated with CP type throttle linkages and countershaft. However, this really is now an outdated solution to the issue of CR spindle wear! As part of our standard CR reconditioning process, we fit sealed ball bearings to each end of all 3 butterfly spindles which eliminates spindle wear forever.

So why still offer conversion spindles / throttle bodies? If you want a full sports extractor manifold to you late TR6 or 2.5PI, you can use the conversion spindles and the fit our overhead throttle linkage. The conversion spindles can also be used if you want to use your CR throttle bodies when converting to EFI as they enable the fitment of the throttle position sensor which is not possible with the standard spindles due to the return spring arrangement (EFI Throttle Bodies).


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