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2.5 PI Mk2 Saloons and Estates

There are 3 throttle linkage rods. The front two are identical, the rear one is different.

The front two throttle linkage rods are 18-19cm long and have a right-hand thread on the bottom. The upper swivel posts are held in place by brazed flanges. The lower swivel posts are threaded.

Triumph 2.5PI Saloon Mk2 Inlet Manifolds

The rear throttle linkage rod is 16-17cm long and is threaded at the bottom and has a bracket brazed to the top which connects directly to the throttle shaft with a pin. There is no upper swivel post. The lower swivel post has no internal threads and is secured using half nuts. The journal linking the rear swivel post to the lower actuating arm is smaller than on the front two.

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Triumph 2.5PI Saloon Throttle Linkages
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