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TR5, Early CP TR6 and 2.5PI Mk1

TR5 and Early CP TR6

There are 3 identical throttle linkage rods which are 12-13cm long. The rods have a right-hand thread on the top and left-hand thread on the bottom. The upper outer swivel posts have no internal threads and are held in position with half nuts. The upper middle swivel post has an internal right-hand thread. The lower swivel posts have internal left-hand threads.

TR5 Early TR6 Throttle Linkage
2.5PI Mk1

The Mk1 2.5PI has an almost identical countershaft. The only difference is the offset in the rear lever arm is different, making the distance between the centre and rear linkage rod connection points 10mm closer than the TR countershaft. To prevent any mix-ups, the hole in the rear lever was made smaller on the Mk1 2.5PI countershaft. However, over the years owners unaware of the differences may have drilled the hole out. This will then enable TR rods to be fitted, but they wont be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the countershaft and may bind. The front two linkage rods on a MK1 2.5PI are identical to those on a TR5 and early CP TR6. The rear one is short with a clevis pin attachment arrangement at the top and a TR5/Early CP TR6 front or rear top swivel post on the bottom.

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TR5 Early TR6 CP Throttle Linkage Schematic
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