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Fred Millturn Parts
Throttle bodies, throttle linkages, throttle linkage rods, choke cables & throttle cables for Triumph TR5 TR6 & 2.5PI cars

Triumph TR250PI with TR6 overhead throttle linkage

My name is Martin Giles, I live in St Neots in Cambridgeshire.  I have owned, restored and maintained numerous Triumph cars over the years. I currently have a TR250 that I have converted to PI, a TR5 (which is part way through a full body-off restoration prompted by a minor ding) and a Standard 10 van which was being restored, but is now on hold until the TR5 is finished and the TR250 is sold.


My TR's get properly used. We usually manage at least two trips touring around around Europe each year, experiencing a wide range of temperatures and altitudes.


I am hands-on and normally do my own rebuilds and repairs. As such I am aware of the issues that the cars have in terms of design and spares availability and quality.

The remanufacture of Triumph PI parts started in 2015 when I was unable to source original spec throttle linkage rods for my TR5. I made a set for myself and sold some more on eBay. Since then a bit of mission-creep has occurred and the range of parts has expanded somewhat. I focus on the mechanical parts associated with the throttle bodies and throttle linkages fitted to all Triumph TR5, TR6 and 2.5PI cars.

Everything is now remanufactured, including 2.5PI and TR6 CR throttle and choke linkage mechanisms, 2.5PI TR5 and TR6 CP countershaft assemblies,  2.5PI TR5 and TR6 butterfly spindles,  2.5PI TR5 and TR6 CP throttle linkage rods,  2.5PI and TR6 CR throttle linkage rods,  2.5PI TR5 and TR6 improved throttle cables, 2 .5PI TR5 and TR6 improved choke cables,  TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI idle air valves and 2.5PI,  TR5 and TR6 EFI throttle bodies.


All of the parts I make are either original spec that are not readily available and/or improvements on the original design i.e.:

  • 2.5PI TR5 TR6 CP and CR throttle linkage rods

  • TR5 TR6 throttle cables without the ferrule that slips down the cable

  • TR5 TR6 Choke kits with a single cable

  • TR5 TR6 2.5PI Oilite bushes and sealed bearings for CP throttle countershafts 

Triumph TR6 EFI throttle bodies
  • 2.5 TR5 TR6 EFI throttle bodies including TPS, fuel rail & original style electronic idle air valves 

One of my best achievements to date is fitting sealed bearings to TR6 and 2.5PI CR throttle bodies, which permanently solves the issue of butterfly spindle wear.


Due to the design of the CR system, and unlike the CP linkages, wear cannot be adjusted out and results in high tickover and/or uneven butterfly operation.


It doesn't sound much but if you own a CR car you will know what I mean and won’t believe the difference this can make. Feedback from one happy CR TR6 owner after I fitted the uprated throttle bodies to his car:

Triumph CR butterfly spindles
"Just got back, and it might take a day or two to wipe the smile off my face! It was like driving a different car... instant throttle response, smooth all the way through the rev range and lovely on tickover. Thanks again for your service - first rate!"

This includes my reconditioned throttle bodies which are run up on my test engine to ensure correct operation and correct low tickover, with a video of the test emailed to customers prior to payment and despatch.


As the focus on quality limits quantity, I only sell my parts direct to owners and restoration companies. The only reseller I supply is TRGB.

reconditioned Triumph CR throttle bodies

My focus is on quality rather than quantity. I make the parts in my workshop on a part-time basis. Due to recent demand, some of the components are now part made externally, however they are all finished, assembled and tested by me.

As I test everything I make, the buck stops with me. I include my name and contact number on instructions, invoices etc. so you can speak to me directly should you have any issues or feedback. You can also find these details in the footer below.

Triumph TR3 Laon

Martin Giles AKA Fred Millturn - killing time whilst stuck in a traffic jam during the parade laps at Laon a few years ago

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